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    New Jersey Rx Prescription Paper UPDATE

    The State of New Jersey

    ALL New Jersey Prescription Pads and Laser Prescription Paper sold by Micro Format, Inc.
    is manufactured by PRINTCO Inc. ... A New Jersey Approved Rx Paper Manufacturer.


    The state of New Jersey has made changes to their prescription form program.

    The changes are designed to improve the security of the Rx form by adding security features to reduce fraud.
    A consecutive bar code will be added to each prescription which will make it easier for pharmacists to supply the state of New Jersey with information to spot abuses of narcotic prescription drugs.

    1. EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 4, 2014 all scripts must be isssued new versions for Rx Paper.
    2. The new program requires that one prescriber within a practice must be responsible for ordering and distributing the forms to other prescribers in the practice.
    3. There are 7 versions of the prescription form. (One of the optical versions has been discontinued)

    4. Note that the State of New Jersey had made changes to the positions in which information is placed on the script.
    5. Your software company will need to make minor changes to the print program to insure information is printed in the proper position on the prescription.
    6. Assistance is available to your software company relative to the necessary changes.

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